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Perla Dental Centre
Zone of dental experts doing spectacular dental services.

Welcome to Perla Dental Centre. Our Centre provides comprehensive dental treatment, for both children and adults, using the most advanced and highest quality specialties.

Why Us?

Our Centre pioneers in providing the most elite service by the most talented specialists in each aspects of dentistry all under one roof. We provide these services with the most recent advances in diagnosis and treatment planning.

Our leading team only purpose is to take care of our patients’ teeth for their satisfaction and comfort.

We are serving

Our priority At Perla Dental Centre is approaching out most conservative treatment modality and achieving maximum standards of natural beauty

We make sure dental care must be translated into the most successful treatment status for each patient visiting us

Perla Dental Centre has been founded by Prof/Hossam Hammoda “Phd holder & Staff member” at Mansoura University / Egypt with more than 17 years’ experience in dental care profession

If you wonder why we serve the best dentistry make sure to schedule your appointment and feel free asking about our brand new technologies in dental field combined with our team of experts

Our Services

Our Services


Crowded teeth can be a source of embarrassment and low self-esteem and not everyone is gifted with well aligned teeth.

At Perla Dental Centre, we provide different treatment options to have a stunning smile with healthy appearance. Orthodontic treatment is essential gaining perfection of healthy oral occlusion and masticatory function.

Orthodontic problems usually arise in the age of 6 up to 12, so usually orthodontic treatments often starts that early.

Grown-ups can be treated as well; In fact, many orthodontic problems can be corrected easily for grown-ups as for children thanks to new treatment modalities making teeth alignment achievable almost at any age.

Now there are multiple treatment options to align crowded teeth like braces (metal - ceramic) and transparent aligners.

Metal braces

Metal braces are the most common type in orthodontics as they provide very good results especially in severe misaligned cases. Metal braces have recently evolved to be more comfortable and more acceptable using different colored o-ties which are changeable giving colorful look each appointment.